AMW Writing Retreat- AKA Babes in the Woods

I’ll be honest, I’ve never been on a writing retreat. So as the days got closer to October, my excitement grew. What all is involved? What is expected of me?

Like most gals (I think), I thought about accessories. What do I wear? Which made me think about my suitcase. I hate using the same old black blah suitcase so  I went shopping. I’ll also be going to a conference in November so I’ve been thinking about this. I went to JaCque Penney and found exactly what I was looking for.  I love this color of blue.


I also got so excited that I asked a talented friend to make something to “mark” the occasion. She made AMW book markers and magnets. Aren’t they cute? Book markers








(I think we should have more of these for prizes at future AMW events)

Friday finally came around, time to get to the cabin! I gathered my notes, computer, and supplies.

My notes







I got my directions and I was on my way! I arrived in no time at all and was the first to get there. I hunted around for the key, found it and let myself in. It was a gorgeous day so I opened all the windows. Let the magic begin! Cabin

While I waited for the others to arrive I unpacked. I heard a vehicle approaching. Yay! They’re here! Nope, a truck pulling a large BBQ cooker was arriving at the property next door. About ten minutes later I heard another engine. Yay! Nope, another truck pulling a large cooker, followed by a few more trucks.

By the time my cohorts had arrived, five more cookers had passed by. They were planning on some serious BBQ next door.Turns out there was a cook-off planned for the same weekend.

BBQ Sign

That’s okay because nothing was going to stop us!



We visited, relaxed, and had a nice time that first night.

Gale on couchKathy on couch


The next morning we awoke with a sense of business. Time to write! At first this was all I could think about, a keyboard staring back at me.Keyboard

I’m so glad I have an outline to keep me on track. Once I got started, I was in the groove and made some good progress. Throughout the day, we wrote in writing sprints. They were usually about 30 minutes long with breaks in between. During the breaks I’d go outside and enjoy the cool weather and listen to the music from the cook off next door.  Yard (We never did bet brave enough to see if they needed more judges.)


By the time we left on Sunday, all three of us had made quite a bit of progress on our projects. Mine was definitely more than if I had stayed at home. It was nice to share a creative space and have that extra discipline.

I declare the 2014 retreat a success!

Have you ever been on a writing retreat? Please share your ideas and experiences.


8 thoughts on “AMW Writing Retreat- AKA Babes in the Woods

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  2. I had been on a writing retreat. It was a writing practice group, but we didn’t write anything. Since writing practice doesn’t involve projects, just talking, eating, and just lying around were okay.

    This time I got a lot done. We should have a retreat every weekend.

    That’s a great title, if you mean Babes as exemplified by Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russell, and Lana Turner.


  3. The retreat was lovely and relaxing. I am very pleased that I completed a very good draft of my Sherlock Holmes/Ebenezer Scrooge Christmas play. I was having a hard time getting past the first two pages. It took two Pomodoro timed sessions to complete. Voila! Kathy and Valerie are nice to be around. We went to the Sac ‘n’ Pac Friday and Saturday nights and got fried stuff for dinner.


  4. It would be nice if somehow we could all take that special train trip for writers. Travel from here to Canada and back with stops in California, Ecuador, New Orleans with a final drop off at Tennessee and thence to drop everyone off in Texas. Do they have Wi-Fi on trains?


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