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Today we get a look at the cover of DAY OF THE DARK, a crime fiction anthology edited by Kaye George and due out from Wildside Press on July 21. Laura Oles’ “Oceans Fifty” and M. K. Waller’s “I’ll Be a Sunbeam” … Continue reading

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The Case of the Naked Picture

A small town in Colorado was recently shocked by a “sexting” scandal involving 100 high school and middle school students sharing nude photographs of themselves and other students.  School officials, parents and police are at a loss to understand and respond–as I … Continue reading

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The Novella in Your Line-Up

Some writers never struggle to find enough words; they struggle to prune over-long manuscripts. Other writers, like me, start out with a premise and work through an outline to a rough draft that is . . . short. As I expand … Continue reading

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2015 Reading Challenge

Wouldn’t it be great to have a list of every book you’ve ever read? An aunt of mine kept such a list.  We found it when she died at ninety. It would be a wonderful gift for a child, to … Continue reading

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Murder in the Far East

By Elizabeth Buhmann Continuing the series, Murder in Exotic Places. The digital image below hardly does justice to the exquisite jacket on Keigo Higashino’s most recent murder mystery, Malice. I paid top dollar for the hardcover because it was just … Continue reading

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Murder in Africa

MURDER IN EXOTIC PLACES, continued. by Elizabeth Buhmann Last month, I wrote about books set on the Indian subcontinent. How about books set in Africa? I have never been to Africa, but I’ve read Paul Theroux’s Dark Star Safari. The subtitle … Continue reading

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Murder in Exotic Places

By Elizabeth Buhmann I love to read murder mysteries that are set somewhere in the world that I have never been. Let me hasten to say that I do not care for such mysteries when they’ve been written by someone … Continue reading

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Classic Summer Reads

Love the summer, and it’s finally here! Summer means sun block, sassy water and a good book. To me a great summer read (or poolside or hammock book) has a dreamy setting, romance, suspense, mystery and adventure. I like substance, … Continue reading

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