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That Would Make a Pretty Good Story

When Howard was four, he and his baby sister were playing in the living room, while his mother and his grandmother sat at the kitchen table just around the corner. A few days before, while staying with his grandmother, Howard had said something cute–he … Continue reading

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The Writing Process: The Wisdom of Darrell Royal and Lessons from a Jack Russell Terrier

Most people don’t believe it, but I was almost thirty years old, and had been teaching English for seven years, when I discovered I possessed a writing process. I learned about it in a special summer program for teachers of English at the … Continue reading

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Writing, Thinking, Pantsing, and Miracles

Pantsing, when successful, lets you create a story closely resembling the spark that ignited it. ~Janalyn Voigt, Live, Write, Breathe The first step in starting a blog is finding the perfect name. I wanted to call mine Contrariwise, as an homage … Continue reading

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Interview with Tim Bryant, author of Spirit Trap

I recently met author Tim Bryant at Book People’s Lonestar Mystery Discussion. He’s such an interesting person, I wanted to know more about him, his creative process, and his path to writing. Thanks for letting me interview you, Tim!  AMW – … Continue reading

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When Books Were Love

by Gale Albright Aunt Marjorie Nell was a big fan of mine. That’s why I figure she may have embellished stories about my alleged brilliance when I was a tot. She taught me to read when I was just three … Continue reading

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James Michener Didn’t Object

By Kathy Waller Last week, Valerie wrote about why she writes. Here’s my take on that subject: When I was four years old, I took a pair of scissors and a roll of red, gooey adhesive tape and wrote my … Continue reading

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Mystery People interviewed our own Laura Oles

Our workshop has come and gone. But if you’re interested in knowing more about Austin Mystery Writers, check out this interview. Laura does an excellent job of explaining who we are. A big thanks to  Mystery People from all of … Continue reading

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